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How is 2013 Going So Far?

How is 2013 going for you so far?How are you doing with those goals you set or with those resolutions?What have you done in these first few days of 2013 to move toward your goals?That is what I want to talk about in this blog today.This is something that is applicable not just for real estate investing, but with life.There are a few points I want to offer to you in this short blog as follows:

YOU CAN START NEW NOT JUST WHEN A NEW YEAR BEGINS-If you have failed in setting goals or you have failed to take steps in those goals, that’s okay because you can begin today.One of the wonderful things about time is that we get new beginnings all the time:a new day, a new week, a new month, a new year.Today can be your “new year” to set a goal or to take steps toward that goal.You don’t have to wait till next year to get started and waddle all year in self pity.

YOU NEED NOT JUST GOALS, BUT YOU ALSO NEED STEPS AND STRATEGIES WITH YOUR GOALS-It is great to have goals, but that is not enough.You also need steps to reach that goal.For example, if I can driving from my home to New York City, it is not enough to have the goal or destination of New York City.I need steps in that journey/destination such as maintenance on my car, filling the car with gas, and planning my route.What is your route to make a journey to your goal in 2013?

GET HELP SETTING YOUR GOALS-You do not have to be on this journey of goal setting alone.There are others that can help you along the way.Reach out for that help.What resources are around you that can help you toward that goal?What books can you reach or seminars you can attend?What people do you know or know about that can be mentors or coaches for you in those goals?Why try to “re-invent the wheel” when there are resources that can help you in your pursuit of your goals.

Now, lets get going.I look forward to hearing about your progress in the days ahead.-Randy Wall, Lora Lee Properties

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