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Today, I want to write about how to get the price you want for the property you buy.  Everyone has a “bottom line” that they are comfortable with paying for a piece of property.  Here are a few idea that work for both real estate investors and home buyers:

MAKE YOUR OFFER AS CLEAN AS POSSIBLE-  Don’t feel your offer for the property with a lot of contingencies.   It is certainly wise to make the offer subject to one contingency such as property inspection or appraisal.    I recall one offer I made once on a property that was contingent on the property owner including their porch furniture in the sale.    All that it did was complicate the sale .

SHOW THEM THE MONEY-  If you are paying cash, make sure you include proof of funds in your offer.  If you are going to be financing the deal, be pre-qualified or pre-approved.    This will show the owner of the property that you can buy the property. 

CLOSE QUICKLY-     When you make the offer, propose a closing date of 30 days or less.    The owner of the property will be more likely to accept your offer if there is no long delay.

BUY THE PROPERTY “AS IS”-   Buy the property as is without insisting on any repairs.     Whether the repairs are  minor or major, you can use them as justification for the offer you are making. 

RATIONALE-    Give the property owner and/or the real estate agent a rationale for your offer.   Don’t simply give them a “low ball” offer because you want to.   For explain, if you think it will cost thousands in repairs, give that as the reason for your offer.  If you think that the comparables of similar sales in the area are much lower than the listing price, tell them.        If you are figuring in holding costs, tell them.    

Good luck in your home search.    --  Randy Wall, Lora Lee Properties



Today, I want to speak about foreclosures.      Most every community has residential and commercial properties that have been foreclosed upon.   These properties are not only an eyesore in the community, but can also be a magnet for vagrants and pests.    They also can reduce property values from other home owners.    Foreclosure is a legal term meaning that the lender has chosen to go through the process of taking the property back from the homeowner.   This process usually starts because the property owner either stops making payments on their property or get grossly behind in  payments.   

While foreclosure is certainly an option for property owner, it is an option they should not lightly use.    A foreclosure stays on your credit report for many years, and can greatly hamper a person in getting credit in the future.    There are options that are a property owner has rather than foreclosure.  Let me mention a few as follows:

DEED IN LIEU OF FORECLOSURE-   In this process, the property owner gives the property back  to the lender.   

SHORT SALE-  A short sale is when the property owner owes more on their property than its market value.    Many lenders are working with home owners on short sales these days.  The property owner must provide a hardship letter, at least two years of tax returns, and recent pay stubs to show they can no longer afford their house payments.   Property owners must be aware that once the property is sold through short sale they might receive a 1099 from the lender that might affect their tax return. 

SELLING THE PROPERTY “SUBJECT TO”-    It is possible for a property owner to sell their property to another person  “subject to” your current mortgage.  While most mortgage notes do have a “due on sale” clause, they are not likely to exercise it as long as the payments are being made.    A seasoned real estate professional or investor can assist the homeowner with this process.

LEASE WITH OPTION TO BUY-     A homeowner can lease their home with an option to buy to someone.   This can be a win/win situation for the homeowner and their leasor.   The homeowner gets home payments made and the leasor can get in a property even if they cannot get financing at that moment.    A seasoned real  estate professional can assist the homeowner with this process.

These are a few options for property owners to consider if they feel  they cannot continue paying their mortgages.   If Lora Lee Properties can assist you with any of these options, please be in contact.  Happy selling and buying.--  Randy Wall, Lora Lee Properties



Summer Home Projects

In these lazy days of summer, it is easy to get lulled to inactivity around the house.  Today, I want to share some general maintenance that is important for a homeowner or person with rental property to do.   Here are a few reminders:

CHANGE THE BATTERY IN YOUR SMOKE DETECTORS-   While most smoke detector batteries will beep when they are dying, it is always possible they will not.  One half of 2012 is over now;  if you have not changed your smoke detector batteries yet, do it now.  You might just save a life.

CHANGE THE HVAC AIR FILTERS-  Air conditioning systems are working overtime on this hot summer days.  Don’t forget to change the air filters.  Most HVAC professionals suggest that you change them once a month whatever the weather.    The system will work more efficiently, and you will save money.  

KEEP THE COOL IN, AND THE HEAT OUT-   Most people think of insulation in the winter when it is cold.  Well, it is just as important to be well insulated in the heat of summer.    Check around your doors and windows to see if insulation needs to be installed.  Also, check to see if insulation needs to be installed around water pipes and HVAC vents.    These minor details can save you money, and everyone likes to do that.   

PAINT OR STAIN-    During the warmer weather, now is the time to think about small home improvement projects like painting exterior places on your home or staining the deck or exterior siding.  I prefer to do these projects in cooler parts of the day such as just before sunset or shortly after sunrise.    Paint or stain can keep repair bills at a minimum in the long run.

These are a few reminders for the warmer months of the year.    Remember, there is no place like home and no investment like a home.-    Randy Wall, Lora Lee Properties



All of us know that we have been in a time of declining home values. While real estate through the years has generally been an asset that appreciates, that has not been true for property owners in recent years. While there might be nothing you can do about the general state of the real estate business, there are some specific things that you as a real estate investor or homeowner can do to improve your home value. I have listed below some ideas that you can do. Some are quite inexpensive, and some can require a sizeable investment. Here are a few ideas:

- planting flowers, bushes, etc. in the yard to enhance your home curb appeal

- updating the kitchen including appliances

- updating flooring in the home

- modern bathrooms

- painting the interior and exterior of the home in neutral colors

While some of these projects will cost a little amount or a considerable amount of money or time, they can make a big difference in your home's value or "sell appeal". I commend them to you. Happy home buying and selling.- Randy Wall, Lora Lee Properties



Today, I want to write about the pros and cons of buying a fix-up property.     I suppose that every home that has been lived in for some time  needs some kind of work such as painting, new flooring, and the like.     With all the foreclosures on the market today, I know from personal  experience that they often require considerable renovation and fix up.    Please find below some pros and cons for buying a fix-up property:


You can buy a home at a reasonable price

The home will reflect your taste in colors, style, etc.  and has your “fingerprints” on it

The initial cost for the home and the cost for renovation are often less than the value of the   home after repairs                                             



            If the fix-up property is going to be your primary residence, are you okay living in renovation?

            Can you do some of the work yourself and/or get a trusted contractor to do the work?

            Do you have monies to afford the renovation costs?  

Go buy or sell a home.-      Randy Wall, Lora Lee Properties


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